JAZZ - Big Band et Arrangements

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4 brothers.MID I'm beginning to seelight.mid PinkPanthr.mid
5foot 2-g.mid I'm in the mood for love.mid Pixie.mid
A Foggy Day-g.mid I'mbegining to see the lights.mid Poinciana.mid
A string of pearls.mid In a mellow tone.mid Polka dots and moonbeams.mid
Ain't Misbehavin'2-g.mid In a sentimental mood.mid Porgy.mid
Ain't Misbehavin'-g.mid In Mood.mid Ptak.mid
All Of Me 2.mid In The Mood G.mid Queen River G.mid
All Of Me.mid In The Mood.mid Quincy.mid
All We Know.mid Indiana.mid Rain.mid
Alrightg.mid Intime.mid Redsails.mid
American Band Stand.mid It' all right.mid Roseroom.mid
angel eyes 3parts.MID It Don't Mean A Thing If....mid Roses of Picardy.mid
Angel Eyes.mid It don't mean thing.mid Roseta.mid
Another You.mid It dontmeanathing.mid Rosetta.mid
April In Paris.mid It Had To Be You G.mid Roundmidnight.mid
Audio.htm Jazz24.mid S1001 06.mid
Audio.txt Jazzy003.mid Saltpeanuts.mid
Autumn Leaves G.mid Jordu.mid Satin doll basie.mid
Avalon.mid Just A Gigolo.mid Satin doll.mid
Bad bad LeRoy Brown.mid Just Friends.mid Satindol.grl
Basie meddley~1.mid Just in time.mid Satindoll.mid
Basie Straight Ahead.mid Just One Of Theses Days.mid Savoy.mid
Basiemdg.mid Katyg.mid Scraple From The Apple G.mid
Beale-st.mid Killer joe.mid Send In The Clowns.mid
Beat G.mid La Mer.mid Sentimental journey.mid
Begin The Begin.mid Lady Be Good.mid Serenade.mid
Bernie's Tune.mid Laura.mid Shiny.mid
Big Band Medley.mid Laura8.mid Sing Sing Sing G.mid
Big band.mid Lazy river.mid Slowbo~1.txt
Big bandg.mid Let It Snow G.mid So what.mid
Big Dipper G.mid Lil Darlin'.mid Solitude Eb.mid
Bigband medley.mid Liveg.mid Solitude.mid
Big-band.mid Lsl3 3.mid Solitude2.mid
Bigband.txt Lucky lady.mid Somebody.mid
Birdland G.mid Lullaby of birdland.mid Someone.mid
Blue And Sentimental.mid Lulu's Back In Town G.mid Songisu.mid
Blueskyesg.mid Lushlife.mid Sophilady.mid
Body And Soul G~1.mid Mack The Knife.mid Sophisticated Lady.mid
Breeze G.mid Mack zeknife.mid Sophisticatedlady.mid
Brotherhood Of Mang.mid Macknife.mid Sorry.mid
But Not For Me.mid Maiden voyage.mid Sorryrvg.mid
Bye Byeblackbird G.mid Mainstream.mid Stang.mid
C Jam Blues G.mid Manhattan.mid Stardust.mid
Candidrg.mid Medley Miller.mid Stardust2.mid
Cantaloupe Island G.mid Medleyg.mid Stars Fell On Alabama.mid
Caravang.mid Mercy mercy mercy joe Zawinul.mid Stella by starlight.mid
Careless Love G.mid Midnight In Moscow.mid Stolen Moments.mid
Central Park G.mid Minnie the moocher.mid Stolenmoments.mid
Cherokee G.mid Minnie.mid Stol-ts1.mid
Cherokee2 G.mid Misty.mid Stompi~1.mid
Christopher Columbus.MID Misty3.mid Stormy Weather.mid
Come Sunday.mid Moanin.mid Stripper.mid
Come Sunday2.mid Moaning.mid Strutg.mid
Cotton Tail.mid Mood Indigo.mid Stthomas.mid
Count meddley.mid Mood4.mid Such Sweet Thunder.mid
Cry Me A River.mid Moodin~1.mid Sugar.mid
Cuteg.mid Moodindy.mid Summertime G.mid
Days Of Wine And Roses G.mid Moonli~1.mid Summertime.mid
Deadend.mid Moonli~2.mid Sumrtime.mid
Dellinger.mid Moonlight Serenad.mid Sweet georgia B.mid
Desafinado.mid Moonlight Serenade.mid Sweet Georgia Brown G.mid
Dgeneric.mid Moonlightserenad.mid Sweet georgia brown-basie-nestico.mid
Do Nothing Till....mid Moonlightvermont.mid Sweet lorraine.mid
Doing Basie thing.mid Moonlite.mid Sweetrvg.mid
Don't Be That Way.mid Moricu.mid Swing Low G.mid
Don't Blame Me.mid Moscow.mid Take The A Traing.mid
Don't Get Around much anymore.mid My old flame.mid Take5g.mid
Dont Worry.mid Myfunny valentine.mid Takerevg.mid
Doxy.mid Myoldflame.mid Taketh~1.mid
Duke Medley.mid Nakedgun.mid Tenderly.mid
Early Autumn G.MID Neverg.mid Thatsall.mid
Early Autumn.mid Newyorkg.mid The blues.mid
Early Autumn.TXT Nice and easy.mid The Mooch.mid
Easy to love.mid Nicework.mid The Mooche.mid
Even no.mid Nicnesyg.mid The more I see you.mid
Every day.mid Night and day.mid The sidewinder.mid
Everyt~1.mid Night train.mid The sidewindr.mid
Fallen g.mid Nothing.mid Themooch.mid
Fiesta.mid Now's Time G.mid Things are gettin' better.mid
Fly me to the moon.mid On a sloboat to china.mid Thingz.mid
Fly2moon.txt On A Slowboat To China.mid Thunderg.mid
For Jammers Only.mid On the sunny side of the street.mid Tuneupg.mid
Four Brothers.mid Oncein a while.mid Tuxedo junction.mid
Frecklrg.mid Onceinawhile.mid Unknown1.mid
Georgia.mid One and only.mid Velvetg.mid
Gershwin medley.mid One note samba.mid Vermont.mid
Ghost of the blues.mid Onthesunnyside.mid Viaconme-paolo conte.mid
Girltalk.mid Opus1.mid Watermelon man.mid
Groovin' high.mid Ornithology.mid Whatsnew.mid
Groovin High.mid Overu.mid When I fall in lov.mid
Grooving.mid Pavaneg.mid When I fall in love.mid
Harlem nocturne.mid peanutsg Dizzy Gillespie.mid When I fall.mid
Harlem nocturne1.mid Pego.mid When Sunn gets blues.mid
Harlem nocturne2.mid Pennsy~1.mid When Sunny g blue.mid
Have you met Miss Jones.mid Penthouse.mid When Sunny.mid
Honeysuckle rose.mid Peppers.mid When your loving.mid
I cried for you.mid Perdido.mid Willow.mid
I Getick.mid Perdido.txt Windrevg.mid
I got news from you.mid Perdido2.MID Witchg.mid
I l oveParis.mid Perfectg.mid Woodchoppers Ball G.mid
I love paris.mid Pink Panther.mid Yesterdays-g.mid
I remember Clifford.mid PinkPanther.mid You Bother-g.mid

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