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12thstreetrag.mid Dolly.mid Royal_sk.mid
14tydr.mid Doyouk~1.mid Royalgarden.mid
5foot2.mid Doyouknow.mid Royalgardenblues.mid
A Good Man Is Hard To Find.mid Dream A Little Dream Of Me.mid Saint.mid
After You've Gone.mid Easter~1.mid Satindol.mid
Aint She Sweet.mid Ebbtide.mid Scatte~1.mid
Aint She Sweet.mid Entertnr.mid Scatter.mid
Alexan~1.mid Fandjohn.mid Sentimental Journey.mid
Allofm~1.mid Fdnwbaby.mid Sentmod2.mid
Allofme.mid Feeling-louis Armstrong.mid Septembersong02.mid
Allofme2.mid Fidgetyfeet.mid September song.mid
Alltha~1.mid Five Foot Two.mid Sheik.mid
Alrigh~1.mid Frankie.mid Sheikh~1.mid
Angry.mid Frenchbabyblues.mid Sheikh~2.mid
Anythi~1.mid Fwaller-blackblue.mid Shine.mid
Anytime.mid Gbrown.mid Singingtheblues.mid
Anytime2.mid Girlofmydreams.mid Sister Kate.mid
Aplenty.mid Give M~1.mid Sister~1.mid
Awalki~1.mid Hadtobeu.mid Sleepy Time Down South.mid
Backyard.mid Hdolly.mid Somebo&1.mid
Balling.mid Hello ~1.mid Somebodystole.mid
Ballinthejack.mid Hellodol.mid Song Of India.mid
Balljack.mid Hindu.mid Sorry.mid
Bananas.mid Home.mid St Lou~1.mid
Barene~1.mid Ht-all~1.mid St Louis Blues.mid
Basin ~1.mid Icantg~1.mid Stjames.mid
Basin.mid Icantgiv.mid Stloui~1.mid
Basinst.mid Icantslp.mid Stolemy.mid
Basinstr.mid Icried4u.mid Stomp.mid
Bcknblue.mid Ida.mid Stormy Weather.mid
Bealest.mid Idoncme.mid Stormy.mid
Beerbarr.mid Ifound.mid Stormy_wheather.mid
Behappy.mid Inamist.mid Stormy~1.mid
Bilbail2.mid Indiana.mid Strutters.mid
Bilbaily.mid Istambul.mid Sugar--.mid
Birthb~1.mid Ithadt~1.mid Sugarblues.mid
Birthob.mid Ithadtobeyou.mid Sugarf~1.mid
Black And Blue.mid Itsapl~1.mid Sugarf~2.mid
Blacka~1.mid Itsasin.mid Summer~1.mid
Blackforrest.mid Jada.mid Sumrtim.mid
Black'n blue-John Signorelli.mid Jada2.mid Sumrtime.mid
Blak&blu.mid Jadar.mid Sutband.mid
Blaknb~1.mid Jadastride.mid Sweegeorbernie & Pinkard & Casey.mid
Blheaven.mid Jadax.mid Sweet Lorraine.mid
Blkbluth.mid J'attendrai.mid Sweet_georgia_brown.mid
Bluberry Louis Armstrong.mid Java.mid Sweetg~1.mid
Bluehaven.mid Jazz1.mid Sweetg~2.mid
Bluemoon Rag.mid Jeepers.mid Sweetgb.mid
Blues Du Dentiste.html Jellyr~1.mid Sweetl~1.mid
Blues du dentiste.mid Jelyblus.mid Sweetlor.mid
Blues.mid Justblue.mid Sweetr&1.mid
Bmorle~1.mid Kingpo~1.mid Sweetsue.mid
Boot Leg.mid Kingporterstomp.mid Swinglog.mid
Burgndst.mid La Maison Près De La Fontaine.mid Switgbr2.mid
By The Light Of ...mid Lassustromboned.mid Switgbro.mid
By The Light Of A Silvery Moon.mid Limehouse.mid Swngshep.mid
Bye_bye_blues.mid Limehous.mid That's a plenty.mid
Byeblues.mid Lorraine.mid The Sheik.mid
Byebye~1.mid Louis.mid Tiger ~1.mid
Californ.mid Lsl1 1.mid Tinrf Bw.mid
Carolina.mid Macknife.mid Tishomingo Blues1.mid
Casaloma.mid Mackth~1.mid Tishomingo.mid
Caseyjon.mid Mamagoes.mid Trumpetblues.mid
C'estc~1.mid Mapleleaf.mid Varsitydrag.mid
Cestmagnifique.mid Marching.mid ViaconmePaoloConte.mid
Charle~1.mid Margie.mid Viprdrag.mid
Charlest.mid Melababy.mid Waitsunr
Chicag~1.mid Melancholy.mid Waydownr.mid
China ~1.mid Melancholybaby.mid Wehaveallthetimeintheworld.mid
Chinablu.mid Melnchly.mid Wensaint.mid
Chinat~1.mid Memphbls.mid Whatawon.mid
Chinatown.mid Milenburgjoys.mid When I~1.mid
Chntwn.mid Moonlightinvermont.mid When The Saints.mid
Clarinetmarmalade.mid Mr San~1.mid When Uou're Smiling.mid
Clarma~1.mid Mrsand~1.mid Whenth~1.mid
Closerwalk.mid MUPPETS.mid Whenur~1.mid
Closwalk.mid Muppets2.mid Whenyo~1.mid
Confess.mid MuppetShow.mid Whisp.mid
Coquette.mid Muppetstheme.mid Whisper.mid
Coquette2.mid Mw-aft~1.mid Wildaboutharry.mid
Crymeriver.mid Neworl.mid Willietheweeper.mid
Cryriver.mid Nobody~1.mid Wisperin.mid
Cryrivex.mid Oldblack.mid Wolverineblues.mid
Dardanella.mid Oldjazz.mid Wonderf.mid
Darkto~1.mid Onthes~1.mid Wonworl1.mid
Darktown Strutters Ball.mid Originaljellyrollblues.mid Wonworld.mid
Darktown.mid Ostrichwalk.mid Wraptrb.mid
Dbehappy.mid P3-plen5.mid Wsaintgo.mid
Deeppu~1.mid Pennies.mid Wysmilin.mid
Deeppurp.mid Petf-thm.mid Yessir.mid
Deeppurple.mid Petite Fleursidney Bechet.mid Youmadem.mid
Deepurple.mid Petite~1.mid Ystmbaby.mid
Dinah.mid Petite~2.mid  
Dixblues.mid Picardy.mid  
Dixbluesr.mid Purple Rain.mid  
Dixibl~1.mid Redroses.mid  
Dixie.mid Riogrande Rose.mid  
Dixiland.mid Rootrag.mid  
Document.nvd Roseso~1.mid  
Dogwalking.mid Rosesofpicardy.mid  
After you've gone-Django Reinhardt.mid Brother can you spare a dime.mid My Blue Heaven.mid
Aintmisb.mid Brother.mid Nuages.mid
Air_mail_special.mid Burwel~1.mid Parisian Gipsy Swing42.mid
Anything Django Reinhardt.mid Django.mid Route 66.mid
Awalki~1.mid Intmoo.mid Rw-ame~1.mid
Blue Skies.mid Johnston.mid Stompsav.mid
Bluehevn.mid Minor Sw.mod Swing42.mid
Bluemo~1.mid Minorsw.mid Tea For 2.mid
Bluemoon.mid Moonglow.mid Whatam~1.mid
Bluemoon2.mid Mooche.mid  
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